Nespresso Pro Guatamala Lungo


Nespresso Pro Guatamala Lungo. Intensity 6/12. (50 capsules/box).

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Intensity 6/12. The dry and malty grain notes in our Nespresso Origin Guatemala are accompanied by the elegant bitterness and a silky texture. The classic aromas of cereals and a dry plant note contribute to the complexity of the blend. Origin Guatemala is an incomparably strong coffee.

Origin: This Nespresso Guatamala is a blend of Arabica and Robusta – all from Guatamala. This Central American coffee origin has benn known for its excellent Arabica coffees for a while. Nespresso have included some of the finest washed Arabicas from Guatamala when preparing this capsule.

Roasting: This has a short and light roast to both the Arabica and the Robusta splits. The light roast helps give the coffee some of its boldness. Kepping the roast short allows the blend’s aromatic complexity to remain alive.

Aromatic Profile: The intense, dry and malty cereal notes are tempered by its elegant bitterness and silky-smooth texture. You’ll catch that classic cereal note of Robusta, but it’s laced with a fine dray vegetal note that add’s to the blend’s complexity. Guatemala is a bold coffee but its strength is disarming.