Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit 5pcs


Espresso machine cleaning kit – 5pcs

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Coffee Machine Brush Cleaner 4 Pieces Coffee Machine Brush with Spoon and 1 Piece 58 mm Stainless Steel Back Flush Insert Metal Blind Filter for Espresso Machine

Nylon brush with sturdy stiff thick bristles.  Cleans coffee grounds and coffee grinder burr blades easily. Good for coffee grinders, espresso machines, and coffee makers.
Features: unique design and water deflecting fins keep your hands cool and dry when back flushing; The angled brush and pick are suitable to clean out the compacted grounds
Exquisite design: special angle to clean the tight spaces and reach any corner of the machine, and the handle length will keep hands safely away from hot water when cleaning the group head and gaskets
58 mm Blind filter for back flushing on semi-automatic espresso machines, which fits into the portafilter.