Fresh Cup

With the Newco Fresh Cup, users select and unwrap a pod of their desired coffee and load it into the machine. At the push of a button, the Newco Fresh Cup does the rest — the machine even auto-ejects the pods into an internal bin.

Pods also come with less packaging, and the pods themselves are biodegradable. The brewer also features an energy-saving mode that drastically cuts down on electricity use during periods of non-use.

Compared with traditional batch brewers, pod systems offer the same benefits as other single cup packet systems: drastically reduced preparation and clean-up times, and the ability to cater to every individual’s tastes.

Soft Pods – Biodegradeable soft pods containing fresh ground coffee from the Wolfgang Puck range and organic tea. Several varieties to choose from.

Designed medium to large size offices.

  • 9.81” w x 19.6” d x 17.66” h
  • Fresh cup on demand
  • Plumbed in machine.
  • Brew time – 45-50 seconds
  • Hot Water option
  • Suitable for large offices
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Pod ejection into internal bin
  • Choice of regular coffee, decaf, flavoured coffees and teas


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